How the loss of printed information on labels could impact your logistic costs ?


The printing of logistics labels that face hostile environments, such as trucks that travel long distances and remain exposed to the sun for a long time, under high temperatures, need to have superior resistance so that there is no loss of reading of the printed information.

One of the main manufacturers of medical and pharmaceutical devices in the world, it started to face problems when finalizing the deliveries of its products in regions far from its factory.
They used the premium wax category ribbon and the information on the labels of the boxes blurred and with that, it was not possible to read the barcodes of each one and thus, be able to finalize the delivery to the customers.
They informed that they always used this product category and that they had never had a problem.

The challenge: Understand what started the delivery rejections

Understand the reason why there was no problem before, since for this type of application it is recommended to use ribbon from the mixed category. After several questions, it was identified that before the problems appeared, the labels did not have barcodes to be read by the collectors, so, even with the information blurred, the customer struggled to get the invoice information and other information contained on the labels.

The solution: Introduce the best-in-class wax resin ribbon

ARMOR-IIMAK thermal transfer technology provides the perfect solution for this problem, offering the most durable print that will remain legible for the product’s entire life that is needed based on durability requirements. 

Our experts were 100% confident that our suggestion was the perfect solution for the problem. 

After identifying that the change in the layout of the labels could be responsible for the rejection of deliveries, a batch of products was sent for testing. The labels were printed with our Prime Mark – PM255 ribbon, which performed as expected and presented an extraordinary result, preserving all the information on the labels and ensuring its readability at the end of the process 

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